Cloud Strategy

We help you create and implement cloud adoption. We deliver a cloud adoption assessment and create a prioritized roadmap that include people, process, and technology.


Digitization Services

We transcribe audio content and convert whiteboard brainstorming sessions into spreadsheet (or other) format. Our apprentices will listen to and transcribe your audio, or will convert pictures into whatever format you request. Our mentors will review and approve the content to ensure reliable translation.


Customer Journey Mapping

We work with your organization to identify the steps your customers take in their interactions with your organization and map out their journey from discovery through use of your products, extension to additional products, features and services, and through departure. Additionally, we can map your current IT environment and data flow that support your customer’s journey through your IT systems.


Workforce Development

We work with your leadership teams to create job descriptions, career levels and ladders, skills matrixes and recommended training solutions for those skills. We map workflows between various job roles and describe their responsibilities and interactions.


Internal Apprentice Programs Implementation

We set up internal knowledge transfer programs so that you can grow your people internally. We identify the prerequisite skills needed to quickly grow into a role and set up timeline-based programs to grow people to into the roles you need them to fulfill.


Training Strategy

We create custom training strategies to serve the needs of your internal staff or to create training for your customer base. We work with your internal staff to determine what training you have and what is needed, and identify existing training content or outline courses to create. We can also create courseware for online, distance, or instructor-led delivery.


 Certification Strategy

We create custom badging and certification program strategies for your internal staff or external customer base. We work with your internal staff to determine what skills validation is needed, and create validation tools that validate skills and are represented through badging or certification programs.