Pulse: The New Science of Harnessing Internet Buzz to Track Threats and Opportunities

Douglas W. Hubbard

Fair warning, I like most everything he writes so consider this one favorable without looking any further. Describes how to leverage the Internet to measure trends in real time, describes tools for inexpensive and real time measurement methodologies. 207 pages

Part I - Introduction to the Pulse: A New Kind of Instrument 

     Chapter 1 - A New Era for Measuring and Predicting Society 

     Chapter 2 - The History of Seeing the Forest through the Trees 

     Chapter 3 - Emergence of the Pulse and the New Research Discipline 

     Chapter 4 - Dynamics of the Pulse 

 Part II - Sources of the Pulse 

     Chapter 5 - What Our Surfing Says 

     Chapter 6 - “Friend” as a Verb 

     Chapter 7 - What We Say Online Matters 

     Chapter 8 - Three Potential Pulses: Where We Go, What We Buy, and How We Play 

 Part III - Effects of the Pulse 

     Chapter 9 - Making the Pulse Practical 

     Chapter 10 - The Future of the Pulse and Its New Challenges