Brand New: Solving the Innovation Paradox: How Great Brands Invent and Launch New Products, Services, and Business Models

 by G. Michael Maddock, Luisa C. Uriarte, Paul B. Brown

Describes how to find needs and opportunities in the marketplace, come up with significant market insights, and create compelling communication to help people try your new creation.

Part I - Preparation and Strategy 
     Chapter 1 - The Innovation Paradox 
     Chapter 2 - Creating an Efficient and Effective Innovation Process 
     Chapter 3 - Circle #1: Finding the Need 
     Chapter 4 - Circle #2: Formulating the Idea 
     Chapter 5 - Circle #3: Successfully Communicating (and Profiting from) What You Have Come Up With 
     Chapter 6 - Constructing Your Innovation “Portfolio” 
 Part - II: Tools and Tactics 
     Chapter 7 - Getting Outside the Jar: How to Infuse Outside Experts into Your Innovation Process 
     Chapter 8 - Sustainable Innovation: Creating (and Profiting) from a Green, White Space 
     Chapter 9 - Introducing “The Innovation Power Score”—A Method for Measuring the Potential of Your Innovation 
     Chapter 10 - Investools: A Case Study in Putting Your Innovation Process to Work