Who this book is for: This book is for anyone that is (or is considering) starting a business. This is not a light read nor is it meant to be read cover-to-cover. We would urge you (and the authors suggest) using this like a reference book or encyclopedia.

The Startup Owner’s Manual was written with modern businesses in mind. While details for leveraging cloud are not part of this (I have not found a good reference for this yet) it does cover the steps needed to be successful with categorizing and starting a modern business and growing it through to a successful entity.

The four key areas (think big process steps) are creating your vision, then building a business model canvas for the vision, then testing the market for viability, and finally a group of checklists and other information that will be needed to become a successful business. I found the insights on business type and maturity to be very useful and applicable to planning short and long term goals.  

The book provides a roadmap to starting and running a company and provides a great number of checklists in the appendix space to help with each step. If nothing else, read:

  • The Table of Contents
  • How to Read This Book
  •  Preface
  • Who Is This Book For? Not For?
  • Introduction

Once you do that, read Appendix C: How to Build a Web Startup: A Simple Overview and thumb through Appendix A: Customer Development Checklists. If you are still interested in the book you should strongly consider getting a copy for your bookshelf. I pull mine copy out quite often.


If you do decide to buy the book, please follow the author’s advice for reading and using the book.