Speed Reading for Business (Barron's Business Success) by Steve Moidel

This is a must-read for everyone, even if your goal is not to read a page per second and a book a day. With the techniques provided, you will find you can easily double or triple your speed and increase your recall of the content. I've attended classes on speed reading and read a number of books. By far, of the books I have read this one has been most useful. If nothing else, read the first 6 sections. If you get all you want, stop there. If this piques your curiosity then continue on.  

1) Getting Started
2) Attitudes, Goals, Speed Reading
3) 6 Major Reading Problems
4) Double Your Speed
5) Key to Speed
6) Recall
7) Opening Focus
8) Advanced Drills
10) Comprehension
11) Memory
12) RWAP
13) Reading any material
14) Reading Internet content
15) Summary