Innovation at Work: 55 Activities to Spark Your Team's Creativity by Richard Brynteson

How-to guide with worksheets, questions, and case studies to inspire discussion as well as assessments for determining managers' openness to innovation. Provides readers with a roadmap for fostering creativity and innovation. This book describes how to apply techniques detailed in other books. 284 pages

    Part 1 - The Practice of Innovation 
         Forget, Unlearn, Dismantle  
         What If?  
         Innovative Connections  
         Levels of Innovation  
         Alternative Uses  
         Jobs that Need to be Done  
         A New TV Program  
         Love of Failure  
         Green Innovation  
         Practical Individual Creative Skills  
     Part 2 - The Innovative Personality and Skill Sets 
         Building Networks  
         The Rebel  
         Personality Trait—The Next Box #1  
         Personality Trait—The Next Box #2  
         Personality Trait—The Next Box #3  
         Design an Experiment  
         Building Innovation DNA into Your Life  
         Creative Problem Solving  
         Game / Simulation—Assessment the Problem-Solving Game 1  
         Game / Simulation—The Problem-Solving Game 2  
         Game / Simulation—The Problem-Solving Game 3  
         Instructions for Scoring—The Problem-Solving Game  
         Analytical Thinking Test  
         Test of Creativity  
         Leadership and Team Building  
         Building a Winning Team  
         Teams and Traditional Work Units—Some Differences  
     Part 3 - The Culture of Innovation 
         Determine Your Current Culture  
         Open Source Innovation  
         Killing the Naysayer  
         Where do Babies (Innovative Ideas) Come From?  
         Failure Notebook  
         Faces of Innovation  
         Trend Spotting  
         Creative Collaboration  
         Building an Innovative Culture I  
         Building an Innovative Culture II  
         Scaffolding—Toward a Culture of Innovation  
     Part 4 - The Innovative Process 
         Open Source Innovation  
         Deep Inquiry  
         Creative Collage Making  
         Question Circle  
         Deep Empathy  
         Photo Wall  
         Can You Hear Me Now?  
         Redesign Rooms  
         Two Circle Critique  
         Force Field Analysis  
         Litmus Test  
         Attribute Listing  
         Blue Ocean Technique  
         Club Med Exercise  
         Designing an Innovation Room  
     Posters and Quotes  
         50 Innovation Techniques—Addendums  
         Step #1—Probe the Constituency—Questions to Consider  
         Step #2—Observe the Real Situation—Questions to Consider  
         Step #3—Develop New Concepts—Questions to Consider  
         Step #4—Converge and Build Prototypes—Questions to Consider  
         Step #5—Implementation Process—Questions to Consider  
         Categories of Innovation  
         Accident as Innovation  
     Innovation Cases  
         Navy Patrol Boats  
         Air Force—Missing Tools  
         Infantry—Night Vision Goggles  
         Infantry—Carrying Too Much Weight  
         Live Fire Zone  
         Chinook Helicopters—Hydraulic System  
         A New Television Program  
         New Corporate Processes