Wonder how more progressive companies are changing management practices to be more efficient? Wonder how to manage millennials? Do you need an agile management approach that is well suited to a DevOps environment? This is a must-read for anyone that wants to run a modern company or wants to gain business advantage through business structure. Holacracy (a word the author coined) describes management practices suited to Lean, DevOps, and millennials.

Brian Robertson is not writing about theory, he is writing about his experiences and knowledge gained through trial and error, and other corporations are leveraging his insights to re-tool their own organizations. The book is written somewhat in story format using examples from a fictitious company he uses in his training and stories from his own company.

The book is broken into three main parts: introducing concepts, details on the mechanics, and finally, adopting and practicing. The concepts section describes the organizational structure and how authority/responsibility are distributed. The details part describes the governance needed and the mechanics of decision making and running the meetings – these two parts are what brings the approach to life. The adopting and practicing portion of the book covers just that – different approaches to shifting from the current structure to the new structure.

If you read nothing else, read the first five chapters: 1) Evolving Organization, 2) Distributing Authority, 3) Organizational Structure, 4) Governance and 5) Operations. The first three describe the idea and will sound either very threatening or very interesting. The last provide enough meat on how-to so that you will have a working knowledge of Holacracy. If you are interested in the concept and want to be conversational about the subject, skip reading the book and view the content at http://wiki.holacracy.org.