Handbook on Enterprise Architecture

Peter Bernus, Laszlo Nemes, Gunter Schmidt

This book introduces the GERAM (Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology) that is detailed in ISO/IS 15704 Annex A. Do read the Preface as it has a set of suggested chapters based on role and in the first few chapters provides a mapping to other popular frameworks. The last portion of the book provides case studies and examples of application of the framework. In between, a lot of detail covered in 777 pages.

1. Introduction
Part I - Architecture Frameworks - Organising Enterprise Architecture Knowledge
    2. GERAM - The Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology
        A Mapping of Individual Architecture Frameworks
Part II - Strategy Making and Business Planning
    4. Strategy as a Creation of Corporate Future
    5. Leadership - Better Relationships through Better Communication
    6. Capability Improvement Ted
    7. Developing the Business Model - A Methodology for Virtual Enterprises
    8. Analysing the Present Situation and Refining Strategy
    9. Developing the Enterprise Concept - The Business Plan
Part III - Defining the Requirements for Enterprise Change
    10. Enterprise Modelling - The Readiness of the Organisation
Modelling Function and Information
    11. Modelling Function and Information
    12. Modelling the Management System - Enterprise Management and Activities
    13. Resource Requirements of Enterprise Management
    14. Enterprise Modelling
Part IV - Developing the Master Plan - Architectural Design of the Changed Enterprise
    15. Preliminary Design: Translating Requirements to Design Specifications
    16. Organisational Design
    17. Application Reference Models and Building Blocks for Management and Control
    18. Designing the Information Technology Subsystem
Part V - Case Studies
    19. Ford Motor Company's Investment Efficiency Initiative: A Case Study
    20. The Business Process (Quiet)Revolution; Transformation to Process Organization
    21. Farley Remote Operations Support System
    22. The use of GERAM to support SMEs Development in Mexico