The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organization 

by Peter M. Senge

    This book is about whole systems design -- with this book being the field guide for the book, The Fifth Discipline. If you are an IT architect, you have no doubt heard of whole systems design but have likely not heard many that can describe the concept fully. This companion book provide tools, templates, and guidance to effectively implement the technique in your architectural practice. I urge you to read the first two chapters of The Fifth Discipline (book, not this field guide) to understand the concept, and if you are interested read this book before completing the rest of the other book. For me, reading this book helped me better understand and retain the information provides in the other book.

Getting Started
    "I See You"
    An Exchange of lore and learning
    how to read this book
    why bother? (A CEO's Perspective)
    Moving forward
    Core Concepts about learning in organizations
    The Wheel of Learning
    Leadership Fields
    Reinventing Relationships
    Finding a Partner
    Opening Moves
Systems Thinking
    Strategies for Systems Thinking
    What You Can Expect...As You Practice Systems Thinking
    Brownie's Lamb: Learning to See the World Systematically
    Starting with Storytelling
    The Language of Systems Thinking: "Links" and "Loops"
    The Archetype Family Tree
    Systems Sleuth
    Enriching the Archetype
    Seven Steps for Breaking Through Organizational Gridlock
    Moving into Computer Modeling
    Systems Thinking with Process Mapping: A Natural Combination
    Where to Go from Here
Personal Mastery
    Strategies for Developing Personal Mastery
    What You Cam Expect...from the Practice of Personal Mastery
    Loyalty to the Truth
    The Power of Choice
    Innovations in Infrastructure for Encouraging Personal Mastery
    Instilling Personal Mastery at Beckman Instruments
    Intrapersonal Mastery
    Where to Go from Here
Mental Models
    Strategies for Working with Mental Models
    What You can Expect... in working with mental models
    The ladder of inference
    Balancing inquiry and advocacy 
    Conversational Recipes
    Opening lines
    Bootstrapping yourself into reflection and inquiry skills
    Creating scenarios
    Shell's internal consultancy
    Double-loop accounting
    Where to go from here
Shared Vision
    Strategies for building shared vision
    What you can expect... as you build a shared vision
    Designing an organization's governing ideas
    Building shared vision: how to begin
    Letter to the CEO
    Letter to the CEO's partner
    Strategic priorities
    Where to go from here
Team Learning
Arenas of Practice