At Sustainable Evolution, we are focused on accelerating the growth of new entrants into the workforce. One lesson we learned early on is that our apprentices need to understand the language and rhythm of business. Having apprentices manually digitize content helps them become proficient with the productivity tools, as well as business-appropriate language and the rhythm of business.

As part of our apprentice program, we offer a digitization service. We believe this not only helps onboard the apprentice to our company, but it also prepares them for the industry by giving them an opportunity to work hands on in a variety of business environments. In this win-win strategy, our apprentices gain real world experience while offering you a competitively priced digitization services. We digitize communications by having an apprentice take content in whatever form it is provided in and create the appropriate deliverable. Examples include:

  • You record meetings or conversations and require a transcribed document. We can create a verbatim or intent-level document.
  • You brainstorm or create a journey map on the whiteboard and take a photo. We transform the ideas into a document or spreadsheet with the columns and rows you define.
  • You have tribal knowledge captured in email distribution lists. We transfer the discussions into spreadsheets or document tables organized in a way that suits your organization.

To speed up the onboarding process of newly hired employees, you can have them transcribe or digitize communications. This will help the new employee learn the rhythm and language of your business, as well as where various resources are stored and who the key stakeholders will be. The types of communication that lend themselves to this duty are meeting minutes, brainstorming sessions that are captured on whiteboards, any notes from Scrum meetings, audio recordings, or other team/process interactions.

The timeframe will vary based on the number of meetings your organization has and the rhythm of your business. If you have a lot of meetings and the rhythm of your business is weekly, two weeks is recommended – the first week to grow awareness and the second to reinforce the language and rhythm. If your business runs on a monthly rhythm (all regularly scheduled meetings occur monthly) then two months may be a better approach.

For your project, we host a meeting and introduce you to the apprentice that will do the initial transcription, as well as the more experienced apprentice that will review the output. We agree on format and quality level, sensitivity and location the content will be stored. Then, the content will be transcribed and a quality review will be performed. The first piece will be delivered to you for review. Once you are satisfied with the results, we complete the rest of the transcription.