Extra Day Update

Extra Day Update

Near the beginning of 2016, I blogged about this year being a Leap Year. I suggested that with planning, I would be able to leverage that extra day to review the trajectory of my year and do any course correction needed to meet my yearly goals. To do this, I need to know what my goals for the year are and what my plan to get there looks like. The key areas I mentioned in the blog post were day-to-day time management, work back schedule, goal construction, and milestones. I’m reporting back on how I did with those areas and how I did with my extra day.  

33 Ways to Get Started When You Are Stuck

33  Ways to Get      Started    When You Are  Stuck

Having a hard time starting a project? Stuck looking at the computer screen and nothing is coming to mind? Are you considering alternative terrible fates you would rather do than continue working on your deadline?  Try a few of these suggestions and you will be focused and back to working hard in no time!