Days to Remember

Today is a great day for me. I am trying to prove out an idea I have coined as “Blue Collar IT”. I begin by forming a relationship with someone entering the workforce or transitioning from one career to another. Once I understand something about their goals and where they will need to grow to move on, I offer them a position doing work that provides me value and pays them a living wage. Today, Apprentice One reached out to me and suggested he start posting blog entries weekly. He suggested that I write a post meant to provide guidance on topics we have discussed and he write a post describing the other side of that coin. That is, what he learned and how he applied it to his practices in life. A great day.

The main goal of Blue Collar IT is to grow practical business skills through apprenticeship. While there is a lot of value in a four-year degree, the value does not translate well into getting a job at a business that is looking for a specific skill set. With Blue Collar IT, we are mapping business processes and the people skills needed to accomplish those processes. For each skill we are developing training and certification/validation assets. When fully operational, a hiring manager from any company will be able to select the skills/certifications we offer for the role they are trying to fill and provide that to a recruiter. The recruiter will be able to use search criteria to find candidates that map to the skills needed and filter by geography, percentage of skills the candidate has, etc…

The relationship I have set up with Apprentice One is meant to prove out the approach and work out some of the kinks in the process. In the near future we will have enough training and validation, best practices and tools to make this an actionable solution. Most people I speak to fully get the idea and the vision; their primary concern is around the term Blue Collar. While this may seem to be derogatory to established white collar types, most blue collar people I have met are proud of their station, their ethic, and work/life balance. Stay tuned.